After discovering plans for an Animatronic Stargate Helmet last summer, I became obsessed with making my own Jaffa uniform. Links to sources at the bottom of this post. I’ve decided to break this into multiple posts because it’s lengthy, there’s a lot of content, and I need to test out the layout of posts on this site.

This took a lot of rework. A lot of it was because I hadn’t worked on this type of project. It was a pretty ambitious first project. The rule of thumb was, I ended up having to make most of the parts 3 times. The base of the helmet was built twice in Pepakura and a third and final time in 8MM EVA Foam from TNT Cosplay Supply. This took most of the roll to complete and a lot of manipulating the .PDO file to get enough of the printouts to tape the template together. I also made 2 horus and 2 anubis guard headpieces out of paper from the Pepakura files, which mostly destroyed by expanding foam. I learned a lot of lessons that day. That was also the cause of the first Pepakura helmet’s demise. The second Pepakura helmet didn’t fare much better and became deformed because of the spray foam (the correct one this time) and the hard safety hat I had glued in. The EVA Foam helmet was a much better fit. There were a lot of things I could’ve done better but I’m still happy with the results.

I finished this project with tireless help of my sister, Angie, and my friends Tom (@orson) and Josh. Tom went above and beyond and handled the Horus headpiece, the Arduino coding and the add-on circuit he designed (more on this in another post), and the painting. Angie made my skirt and my vest. I built the helmet, the armor (minus the front chestplate), and the patternwork.

I’ll add more details in future posts.




Honus’ Animatronic Stargate Helmet

Link to templates (on page 2) by p00k1333 on theRPF