Bongo is a Beanie Baby that I’ve had for a very long time. Probably since my 20s I would say. He was my very first cosplay project. I used to keep him at the office and he’d guard my desk or stare out the window at the Riverwalk when I worked in near Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin a few years ago.

The challenge was to make outfits for a beanie monkey using items only found in the office. This included a few things I kept at work, like my origami papers but I never brought anything into the office intentionally to make a project.

Count Bongo

Post-It Note Top Hat in Sharpie Black, CD Sleeve material cape, and Origami paper bangles.

Regal Bongo

Post-It Note Top Hat in Sharpie Black (shhh… yes, it’s the same one), Paperclip Lapel Rose, and Paperclip Rose and Coffee Stirrer Cane.

Caesar Bongus

Printer Paper Laurel and Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth Toga.

Samurai Bongo

Origami Samurai Hat made from paper from a failed print job. If you look close, you might be able to make out some postscript errors. Katana made from a Coffee Stirrer, Post-It Note, and a Paperclip.

Falconer Bongo

Origami Eagle (I don’t know how to make any other birds) with a napkin arm guard.

King Bongo

Empire State Building from printed 3D paper model. The woman is either a scrap of paper or a post-it note. I know, the detail is mind-boggling…

Masked Bongo

Mask and Cape made from a CD sleeve. One of those ones that Microsoft Volume License media comes in.

Birthday Bongo

Yes, he does birthdays too! This one might surprise you… paper, paperclip. Boom. Mind blown.

Bongo: the other, other son of Mogh

Unfortunately, this one has been lost to the ages. He had a Post-It goatee, forehead ridges, and a Batleth wrapped in shiny origami paper 🙁